Cakes and desserts

Sin can make your special event even better with mini desserts or a custom cake. Make your cocktail, holiday or birthday party extra special! Sin does cakes for adult and kid’s birthday parties, sweet 16th, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s, Quinceria’s, baby and bridal showers, anniversaries, and other social events. Give us your idea, interest or theme and we’ll design a unique cake, like no other!

10 day notice required for all custom cakes, semi-custom cake require 2 days notice

Mini desserts

Looking for desserts for your wedding, holiday party, cocktail party or work party? Look no further than these mini items:  (we suggest 3 pieces per person)

    • Mini Cupcakes ~ Most cake flavors available min. order 2 dozen/1 flavor:  $24.00
    • Cake Towers – 1 dozen $36 Larger pound cake tower with fruit or ganache topping    Vanilla/strawberry, Chocolate/chocolate, lemon/lemon
    • Tartlets 2 dozen $48.00:  Available in Lemon, Vanilla cream with fruit, Chocolate ganache with sea salt, and RI coffee milk ganache. Also available with pie filling: Apple, Peach, Blueberry or Pumpkin
    • Mini Cheesecakes 2 dozen $48.00:  Domed and glazed, served on shortbread crust. Available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, and Lime, Nutella
    • Assorted Cookie Platter 2 dozen $27.00 Chocolate chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Ginger Snap, Sugar, Everything, Chipolte Peanut Butter, Chocolate Snowball, Shortbread, Russian Tea Cakes
    • Brownie Bits 2 dozen: $16.00
    • Mini Pies (2 person) 2 dozen/1 flavor: $108  Available in Apple, Peach, Blueberry and Pumpkin.
    • Mini Whoopie Pies 2 dozen/1 flavor $36.00:  Available in Traditional chocolate, Oatmeal maple bacon, Red velvet with cream cheese, Chocolate peanut butter, chocolate mint
    • Mini Cream Puffs 2 dozen/1 flavor $48.00:  Available in Vanilla cream, Chocolate cream
    • Mini Mousse swirls: 2 dozen/ $40 Deep chocolate mousse on a shortbread crust

Custom, tiered and tilty cakes

1 week notice (7 full business days) is required for all custom cakes. All orders must be in by Saturday of the week prior.

All custom cakes start at $6.50 for buttercream and $8 for fondant per slice and go up from there depending on difficulty and design. Send us your idea or a picture and we will get you a quote. See some examples of this type of design below.

3d or carved cakes

3-d and carved cakes feed 20 people or more. All carved cakes start at $10 a slice. Pricing is determined by design and size. Minimum price is $175. See some examples of this type of design below.

Please note not all of our cake flavors can be carved since we need a certain density and consistency. Carved cakes are limited to Chocolate, Vanilla or Red Velvet flavors.

Like snowflakes no two cakes are exactly alike and they will naturally vary due to different artists styles, techniques, and changes in cake size. If there is something extremely important in the design that you want to see in your cake, please mention it so we can ensure it is included.

Semi-Custom Cakes

Want one of our delicious custom made cakes at a slightly lower price? Choose one of these pre-determined designs in any flavor or color!
Orders for Friday must be in by noon on Tuesday, orders for Saturday must be in by noon on Wednesday.
6″ to serve 8-10 $25
8″ to serve up to 24 $45
10″ to serve up to 40 $65
Contact us for ordering.