Frequently asked questions

Cake information

When do you make the cakes?

We make the cakes the week of the your event. If your event is Saturday, we’re baking on Wednesday, chilling then cutting and filling and crumb coating on Thursday and all final decorations are done on Friday to set up for a Saturday delivery or pick up.

Do you use a cake mix?

All our cakes and fillings are made from scratch. Each recipe is different and will have different heights and densities depending on the recipe.

Your cakes do seem denser than other cakes I have had…

Since we don’t use a mix there is less sugar (which makes the cakes soft) and no chemicals (also softens). We need denser cakes because many of the cakes we do are carved or stacked. A soft Duncan Hines type cake or a soft chiffon cake won’t hold up to carving and stacking.

What is fondant?

Fondant is a rollable sugar product that goes over a buttercream frosting on the cake to create a smooth finished look and to add stability to the cake.

We recommend fondant if you are planning an outdoor party or if you are in an facility without air-conditioning. Using fondant minimizes the risk of the frosting being damaged by the heat and prevents dirt, bugs, or other items getting stuck in the buttercream.

The design you choose may also determine if you need to use fondant. Generally formal cakes will require it to give a clean finished appearance and there are many decorating techniques can only be done with fondant such as painting, swags, drapes, embossing etc.

I don’t like the taste of fondant….

We use a fondant that is sweet and tastes exactly like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. The sugar develops a slight crust to it, and hardens slightly overnight. People who don’t like the fondant can easily remove it and only eat the cake and buttercream.

What if there’s a problem with my cake?

We try our best to give you a perfect cake experience, but sometimes accidents or problems occur. If there is a problem during transport, we will contact the site and do everything in our power to get you cake to eat. If there is a problem with the cake you’ve received, we ask that you save a portion of the cake so we can identify the problem. We will be happy to discuss refunds and solutions with you in a calm and sensitive manner.

Custom cakes

How do I go about ordering a Custom Cake?

Call us or contact us online with your idea, number of guests, date, flavor, writing and color choices. We’ll get back to you with a variety of ideas and pricing points.

Do you offer a tasting for custom cakes?

We offer tasting sample packs of cupcakes. Please call us or contact us online in advance to select your flavors.

Can I stop in?

Yes. See our retail store hours at the bottom of the page for when we’re open and one of our staff members can take your information and get some pricing for you.

Do you deliver custom cakes or do I have to pick it up?

While pick up is (almost) always an option it can be stressful transporting a tall, carved, or oversized cake. We offer delivery service for a nominal fee if you are not comfortable transporting the cake. We have a minimum $50 amount for delivery. If your order does not amount to $50, the rest will be applied as a delivery charge.

If I give you a picture, can you do the same cake?

While we strive to give you the same cake, there will be inherent differences due to different artists styles, techniques, cake size difference and different products being used. If you’re changing the main element of the cake (ie: fondant cake to a buttercream cake) the cake will not be the same due to the difference between the mediums. No two cakes are exactly alike, even two cakes that we make. But the main theme and feel of the cake will be very very similar. If there is something extremely important in the design that you want to see in your cake, or if a color is very important please mention it and provide a swatch!

Wedding cakes

We know that planning a wedding is new, exciting and sometime difficult. We’ve tried to answer most of the questions that you should have, below. We suggest you read thru it before your tasting.


Do you offer tastings?

Yes, tastings are $25 and we offer 3 types,  Gluten Free, Vegan tasting and classic tasting.  Each includes 6 flavor/filling combinations, with a 25 minute consultation. You may cancel up to 2 weeks before your tasting for a full refund. Schedule a tasting

How many flavors can I choose?

We’ve set up 3 tasting flights . Choose the flight that suits you best. We need your choice 48 hours in advance.

How many people can I bring?

Due to the limited space we limiting tastings to 4 people. We will have all flavors boxed up for you to enjoy after the consultation or for you to take out with you to share with others!

What should I bring to a tasting?

Pictures of cakes or designs you like, color samples.

How long does a tasting last?

That depends on how many people are present and how much information you’ve prepared. Usually tastings take about 20 minutes, but they can be shorter or longer.

What about deposits, cancellations and refunds?

Deposit: 50%. Final payment: 1 week before event.

Cancellations: 60 days or more: 50% of deposit refunded, 60-45 days: no refund of deposit. 45 days or less, payment in full is due. If Sin is unable to deliver due to unforeseen circumstances, full refund.


How do I go about booking the wedding cake?

A couple of days after your tasting we’ll send you out an estimate showing pricing, fees, information about returns and refunds etc. If you decide to book with us, print that, sign it and send it in with a 50% deposit.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept all credit cards, checks and cash. We can also send you a paypal link if you prefer.

When is the final payment due?

The final payment is due 1 week before the wedding. We will not deliver the wedding cake if we do not have final payment before the wedding.

What are the delivery charges?

That depends on the location of the wedding. It ranges from $25 for a Providence wedding site, to $75 for a Newport Wedding. Sites outside those ranges such as Boston and the Cape are higher based on time and distance. For custom cakes, we have a minimum order amount of $50 and the delivery charge ranges from $15 and up depending on location.

When do you deliver the cake?

Usually about an hour and a half before your wedding. We will check with the site to determine the best time.

Other information

Do you rent cake stands?

Buttercream cakes come on a foil covered base and fondant cakes on a foam core base but we also rent out silver stands. Our stands rent for $35 with a $150 check or credit card for a security deposit.

The stand must be returned within a week after your wedding day by you, or someone in your wedding party. When we receive the stand we will return your deposit check. After a week we will cash the check or charge your card for the $150 security deposit. We can pick it up for you for an additional delivery fee.

I have a cake topper/ribbon/broach, what do I do with it?

We need any ribbons, or broaches dropped off at least one week prior to the wedding. Please leave cake toppers at the wedding site. We will not accept any items for the cake the week of the event. We will put the topper on the cake if we feel that the topper isn’t in harm of being damaged. If set up is still happening or the topper looks too heavy/large we will leave it for you or your coordinator to put it on closer to the event so the topper is not damaged.

I’m having flowers on my cake.

We’ll talk to your florist to make arrangements. We can decorate the cake with flowers from your florist or if your florist prefers they can decorate it themselves.